Friday, January 11, 2008

Some great communities on the web

Today I want to share with you some of the wonderful scrapbooking communities that I've found on the web. Some are online bulletin boards. Some are email lists. All are full of information and people who love to share.

First up is Two Peas In A Bucket. This is an online community which houses a store, message board, member gallery, and online tutorials. Some nationally known scrapbookers such as Keisha Campbell, Ali Edwards, and Elsie Flanagan used to be regulars on this board. One thing to watch out for on Two Peas is that some of the women who post on the message board can be brutal. They have strong opinions and don't mind sharing what they think when things rub them the wrong way.

Another online community is Scrapjazz. They have the same benefits as Two Peas minus the brutality. Another thing I like about Scrapjazz is that you can sign up for free tutorials to be sent automatically by email.

If you like rubberstamping as well as scrapbooking as I do, then Splitcoaststampers is the place for you. This site focuses on using Stampin' Up! stamps in your projects. They don't sell a variety of products as the previous two communities but the learning resources are incredible.

Finally, if you like something with an ethnic spin to it, try Scraps of Color. This is a relatively new site that's growing and expanding with more participation. Check it out.

I subscribe to a few email groups that focus on various aspects of scrapbooking. These are groups where members can send messages and links to resources and all of the members of the list receive each message. You also have an option not to receive each message in your in box. You can opt to view messages on the web. Or, you can have the messages grouped into batches and then have the batch sent to you. This last option is called a digest. Most of my memberships are digests because some email groups produce hundreds of messages in a day!

I'm an organizational freak. I love to organize and re-organize my supplies and Scrapper's Challenge helps me do just that. This list focuses on organizational techniques for scrapbooking. But, beware this is a high volume list which sends hundreds of messages per day!

The next email group I recommend is ScrapBooking Classes. Members conduct online classes in real time or video. This is a great resource which also produces a lot of messages.

Finally, a specialty email list I like is called Cricutcutter. This list focuses on using the Cricut die cutting machine. By the way, the Cricut web site has a great online community as well.

I am a member of many more groups and online communities but this is just sampling of my favorites. If you have some sites to recommend, please let a message.

Later I'll share some of my favorite blogs.

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