Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I so want to go here...

I so want to go to this convention.

But, the economy has affected my personal economics which doesn't have resources to fund this adventure. Oh wells, maybe next year?

I'm still planning on attending this event in Chantilly, VA on June 20-21, 2008.

My admission and Saturday night crop fee has been paid. Now, I need to scrounge up some $ to shop and take classes during the convention. I'm hoping this event is better organized and the workers are friendlier than last year's.

Now, I've read some WONDERFUL reviews here, here, and here of Donna Downey's Inspired Artist Workshops event in North Carolina. From all accounts, Donna put on a great event, which ran so smoothly with every creative detail considered. Being a meeting planner, I love those types of reviews. This event will be on my wish list as well.

Another event on my wish list is Creative Escape which is organized by Heidi Swapp and Bazzill Basics Paper. I read this review and decided I needed to get the book. What I didn't like about this event, though, is that there is a very limited number of registration slots available. Last year there were 600 people allowed to register. This isn't a lot of spaces considering this a national event and there are over 26 million scrapbookers in the USA.

I also would like to go on a scrapbooking cruise. This one got good reviews (albeit from a couple of the instructors).

Well, when I win that $36 million dollars from the lottery I don't play, I can look forward to going on all of these dream get aways.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Need some free, online layout ideas?

Hiya, I just wanted to give a shout out to my girls who've been reading my blog and attending the crop. I don't have anything ready to share, unfortunately. But, I hope to get in gear soon.

In the meantime, you might want to check out Page Maps, Pencil Lines, Scrap Maps, and Scrapbooking Sketch Links for free online sketches to use for designing layouts and cards.

Monday, April 14, 2008

For my scraproom

Altered letters

**Edited** I bought these MDF letters at M's in their clearance aisle. I wanted to alter the names of my children as well. But, there weren't enough letters in stock. So, I just did mine using these supplies:

My Mind's Eye patterned paper
Autumn Leaves and Me & My Big Ideas dimensional flowers
Unknown brand ribbons
Mod Podge adhesive
EK Success foam adhesive
BasicGrey Precision Tool Set

A mini album

My weekend project

**Edited** I started this project after my crop ended on Saturday. I was inspired to create a book of inspirational sayings to read whenever I need a lift. I found these great doodles on this site, downloaded the ones that "spoke" to me, and placed them on simply decorated pages. I *love* the way she doodles and her spirituality.

On the back of the book it says "Give Thanks".

The supplies I used were:
My Mind's Eye patterned paper
Queen & Co. flower
EK Success foam adhesive
Zip Dry paper glue
3M ATG adhesive
CTMH rhinestone flowers
Heidi Swapp chipboard letters
Whisper Ink pad
Around the Block double-ended antiquing tool
Target dollar spot & some unknown brand ribbons
Unknown brand naked chipboard cover 8" spiral album with sleeves

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm almost there!

It all started here

and here.
I had accumulated weeks of mess by not putting away projects and supplies in an increasingly disorganized and dysfunctional space. I was paralyzed by the chaos. I could not create. I reached my limit. Something had to give. And, so it began...the cleaning, the sorting, and the purging. Armed with my new tools (the organization books I talked about March 2) and my hope for a better place, I started the arduous task of re-thinking and re-creating my space.

Days turned into weeks and my anxiety grew because I could not create. But then it came, so slowly and slyly I did not recognize it at first. I could see some glimmer of hope. I could imagine a new space. I could actually see the floor! Yes, I can get back my sanity. Yes, I can recover my sanctuary. Yes, I can create a functional space.

So, after much toiling, store coupons, and many trips to local craft stores, my work is coming to an end. I have sorted, organized, and went through most of my stuff and decided that these things have to go. Here you see boxes of supplies that I'm selling, almost all of it for $5 and less.
There are still boxes of stuff that need to be sorted.
And a couple of odds and ends here and there.
But, for the most part I've created a space that will support my creating.

Here, I unveil the new additions to my studio....
Thank God for 50% off coupons and at-the-right time sales. I was able to get most of these cubes at 43% - 50% off retail price. I ended up buying 14 cubes (some are to the left out of the picture frame) and have six more on a raincheck (I'm not sure I'll be getting them). I went to Ikea to get the reed baskets that fit perfectly on the shelves. I'm sure I'll be moving things around until I get a system that works perfectly for me. But, I'm loving my new shelves.

To treat my stress (throughout this process) without spending a lot of money (those cubes were expensive enough) I frequented the dollar and clearance spots at M's, AC's, and J's and found some gems.
I also took some time to create which I find so relaxing. I made a few cards using my scraps.

and this design with some variations.

And, although I didn't make the next item during my purging period, I wanted to share it too. This project came as a kit from Club Scrap. Everything, except adhesive, was included (chipboard pieces, paper, ribbon, instructions). I didn't like the Club Scrap paper so I substituted paper from my stash. I love the results.

I'm having a crop this weekend where I hope to find new homes for my excess stuff. If you're in the Accokeek, Maryland area please stop by and shop. Until next week....