Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More simple lifestyle resources

I'm continuing to search out simple lifestyle tips and techniques. I find that simple lifestyle in many ways is also a frugal lifestyle and that's okay with me. Saving money and resources is right up my alley.

I found this Frugal Living newsletter on It has a ton of ideas on saving money and resources. I'm going to incorporate their frugal cleaning techniques which are also very environmental friendly. I've actually used baking soda to clean around the house and it's amazing what it can do.

The site has a lot of newsletters I'm interested in such as:

and many more. I could spend hours browsing the HUGE selection of topics there at

Are you preparing to host Thanksgiving dinner? Since I'm preparing to move, we won't be hosting our usually dinner here. But, I learned about this site from the Frugal Living newsletter. The site helps you calculate how much food you need to serve your guests for Thanksgiving. Knowing my family, I'd have to add to that total because we are total gluttons when it comes to celebrations and holidays.

I've been floundering for the past few months trying a new calendar/planner. Every so often I get this urge to try a new system because it's a cute planner or I want to downsize or go digital. Last Christmas I got a Palm TX PDA to convert everything to a digital format. It took a little bit of time until I started rolling right along. I loved having all of this information inside a small gadget. No papers to misplace! Then disaster hit. My Palm died and would not revive. I was totally paralyzed because just about my whole life is on it (calendar, planner, addresses, passwords, goals, projects, podcasts, video casts, etc.) I scraped by for a few days trying to figure out how to deal with this crisis. I needed structure. I needed to track my commitments. I needed another planner. So, I started using a calendar that my husband had laying around. It's a USA Today calendar that has a different USA Today Snapshot on each day. I love those things. Anyway, this is the third month since I started using it and it's just not working for me. I need a structured system. I need a systematic flow of information. I need more space. So, miserly and desperate me realized I need to go back to my tried and true Planner Pad system. I've tried so many planners including the Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Although I liked the concept of the Covey system, it was just a little bit bulky and too cumbersome for me. The Planner Pad is a way that I can use what I learned in the Covey system in a more compact format. By the way, I highly recommend that everyone take the 7 Habits class. It's phenomenal and can help you align your life activities with what is truly important to you. This can definitely help you simplify your life.

Until next week, may peace be with you. ~~Lela

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