Sunday, March 24, 2013

Continuing Looking At Properties

Every weekend I've been looking at houses. I even took time off during a workday to see a house mid week. I'm glad I did. My two oldest children accompanied me. It was the perfect one, which, was move-in ready. And, the kids give their seal of approval too This is a rarity. Most of the properties I've looked at need a lot of repairing, updating, and deep cleaning before being habitable.

The asking price for this little gem was a bit more than I was prepared to pay. Could I swing it somehow? I brainstormed ideas for gathering several thousands of dollars in just days. Can I get a signature loan for the difference? Can I ask for an increase on an existing loan? I went home and spent 3 hours to complete my tax returns to see if and how much I would get in refunds. After all of this work, I determined I could just piece together the funds to make this work. I gave my realtor the go to put in an offer.

I was giddy. I couldn't wait to get the response and in a couple hours it comes. The seller accepts another offer that was received earlier than mine. TOTALLY BLOWN. I feel like grieving. After all of this work. After seeing so many unfit homes. After finally finding a gem. I'm back to square one.

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Joy said...

That is frustrating but you made sure your offer was solid before putting it in. A smart move in my opinion. There is a house out there. A friend of mine went through the same heartache with a house that was move-in ready. When it came time to close they couldn't. BoA owned the property by buying up some shady mortgage companies and couldn't locate any paperwork. The house is till sitting there with the previous owners not paying a dime.