Monday, March 12, 2007

Me and the girls rented movies this weekend

and we picked out two flicks each. One got a Bratz movie and Ice Age The Meltdown. She must really like that movie because it was the third time we saw it. Note to self: add this to our movie collection.

The other one picked out Deliver Us From Eva which I thought, surprisingly, was good. She also picked Rumor Has It. I fell asleep before seeing it. However, she rated it as good too.

I picked out Why Did I Get Married and Superman Returns. I only watched the first movie before falling asleep. I thought that Why Did I Get Married was going to be a movie (like in Hollywood production). Instead, it was a video of the stage play. Even so, it was good. I understand that it will be made into a movie sometime soon. One daughter saw the superman movie and said it was good.

I have an annoying habit of leaving the movie (when viewed at home) to do other things and then I pop back every so often and ask what's going on in the movie. My daughter gets to the point where she tells me I have to watch it to understand it. Good cop out.

My good friend Tammie took me to lunch on my birthday. I chose Uno's for us to eat at. We had a great time. I love spending time with Tammie. She's such a wonderful and dear friend. Unfortunately, I broke my Lent sacrifice of not eating sweets to have a dessert to celebrate my birthday. (BTW, my Lent sacrifices are no sweets and not meats.) On Sunday we went to Uno's again for our joint birthday dinner with my mother-in-law whose birthday is on March 6. The second time around wasn't that great. Note to self: don't go to Uno's for a while.

The weather's getting warmer and sunnier here. I LOVE spring. I took it for granted the absolutely beautiful weather I had growing up in San Diego. Now that I'm here, I really miss what I had back then. My favorite seasons in Maryland are spring and fall -- these are most like what I experienced as a child. Oh, I also miss living 20 minutes away from the beach. I would love to own a Southern California beach home to vacation at every year. I could rent it out while I was away. How about something like this?

This property rents for Low Season: $1,750, Mid Season: $1,750, High Season: $3,000. Or how about

It's only Low Season $6,610 or High Season $11,000 per week! Wow, if only I knew what these prices would be, I would have encouraged my parents to buy a itsy bitsy beach house back in the 1970s.

I would love to just visit California every year but the travel expenses for 5 are huge. I can still dream and hope.... Oh wells.

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