Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas gifts, crops, and monthly kit.

I'm working on Christmas gifts for colleagues and teachers. I'll post some pictures a little later. I've decided on giving calendars. I have 10 co-workers and 5 teachers on my list. If I'm really feeling motivated, I could make some for a couple of local friends as well which would bring my total to around 20.

I had another great time at the Scrap Diva crop in Bowie. They are such wonderful people. If you're in the area, I recommend you attend one of their crops. But, you'll have to book it early because they sell out fast.

I've noticed that a couple of crops in the area have made changes for 2008. The most obvious change has been a price increase. I'll have to save more pennies to go to those crops. I've decided to make a change at my crops as well. No, it's not a price increase -- it'll be the same price of $30 for 8 hours. To make my crops more unique, I'm going to give prizes that are one-of-the-kind items. For example, my grand prize will be an album created by me. I love to make specialty albums that come in different formats such as accordian, canvas, or mini album. I don't get to use all of them and hate to see them unused. This would be a perfect solution. I still get to create and someone will get to enjoy. I invite you to join us on the second Saturday of each month for an 8 hour crop. Email me for more information (see the sidebar).

Memory Works offers a monthly kit of coordinated products to help make scrapbooking easier and quicker. I recommend using coordinated kits to get your projects done fast. You don't have to spend time worrying whether or not colors and patterns go together. With a coordinated kit you know everything matches perfectly! Here is December's kit.

This month's kit includes a bare explosion box which would hold layers of pictures and memorabilia in a clever little package. All you would do is use the coordinated papers in the kit (or those you have on hand) to finish the project. This would be a wonderful gift for someone special or to have around the house. Here's an example, made by a Memory Works designer, of what you can make using the papers in December's kit.
You can buy kits by the month, after seeing a preview. Or, you can subscribe and receive each kit automatically. For more information, please email me (see the sidebar).

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