Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm Back!

Yes, I'm back on the scene. My divorce is nearly final. We had our scheduling hearing on August 5 during which we came to an agreement on the terms of our divorce and child custody arrangements. I was almost right in my last post that I was at the 1/2 point in this process. It's been quite a ride filled with betrayal, accusations, greed, confusion, hurt, and pain. Real life is much more interesting than staged reality TV or soap operas. I've been entertaining my friends and family with the latest drama in my saga.

I haven't had the creative mojo in months. Separation, upheaval, drama, struggling to pay expenses, acute depression, weight gain, weight loss, and being overwhelmed has an affect on my mojo. Now that the bulk of this mess is over, I am hoping to establish a new normal and get that mojo back. It's sorely missed.

I'm looking at my massive stash of creative supplies and it doesn't make me happy. I am feeling the need to purge and purge big. Looking at all of these unused materials reminds me of the vast resources committed to acquiring these items which have been sitting idle for months and in some cases years. This situation doesn't bring any happiness to someone I could have given a handcraft piece of my love to or to me. This is unacceptable. This must be addressed soon, at least sometime after I brood over how overwhelming the task will be.

I've returned to the land of the dating after being absent (for the most part) for over two decades. It's a curious thing to be middle-aged and dating. My expectations have changed over the years but I find that not everyone else's have. For example, I expect that at my age I should be able to meet grown up men who are financially-responsible, emotionally-mature, self-respecting individuals. Boy, was I surprised! Tell me it ain't so that at 40-something these men are using the lines of 20-somethings, they want to by-pass "getting to know you" in favor of a quick ride in bed, and they're overly interested in superficial aspects of the opposite gender. What can I say other than, "Idiots!" I'll share more stories in future posts.

That's it for my reintroduction into the blogosphere. I hope you come back to visit again.


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