Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why is Sunday considered the beginning of the week?

Aw, it's Sunday. The weekend winds down and the mental prep begins for the work week on Monday. How did Sunday become the first day of the week? Was it established in the beginning of time when God created everything as described in book of Genesis in the Holy Bible? I wonder how many people follow the biblical rules of resting on Sunday and keeping it holy by not working? Does not working include not doing any chores like cleaning, cooking, and running errands? If we do our chores on Sunday would that be considered a sin? What would be our atonement for this sin? I don't know any of these answers. I'll leave that to those more learned or inspired to discuss these issues and hand down their opinions to the rest of us. Okay, enough of that babble.

When my soon-to-be former husband and I agreed to a divorce settlement, I decided to ratchet up my return to the dating scene. My decision was based part out of curiosity and part out of my desire for companionship. It's been over two decades since I've been in the dating scene which primarily involved noisy and crowded party venues with hormone- or alcohol-filled young adults looking for fun for that night and rarely for much longer. So, where do I start? I don't want to delve into the dives of the club scene. After all, I'm a middle-aged, professional mother of three who is too busy to troll parties looking for a rough gem amidst a hedonistic milieu. Besides, how can you have an intelligent and audible conversation with music thundering in your ears?

I decide to subscribe to an online dating site. In order to increase my opportunities, I sign up for three sites: Tagged;; and Plenty of Fish. One of my first lessons from my reintroduction to dating is that it is a lot of work. It's like looking for a job. You present your best face (head shots), a glowing resume' (your online profile), and go through multiple interviews (online chats and messaging) in hopes of finding someone you'd like to meet in person. It's exhausting, entertaining, and frustrating. Through it all it's an interesting learning experience.

I'll share some of my stories in future posts because now it's time to get ready for church. Until then, take care and have a great week.


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