Friday, January 4, 2013

Pampered Chef Small Batter Bowl With Lid

I bought this 1 quart mixing bowl with lid at the thrift store.

I know Pampered Chef has good quality stuff which is expensive. I wanted to replace this measuring cup, which is in good condition but

I can't read the measurement lines with ease any more. I bake a lot and measuring is key to success. So, I'm donating the much loved, still usable, barely readable measuring cup now that I have a more functional replacement.

Pampered Chef doesn't sell this size batter bowl anymore. However, I did find this used comparable for sell on eBay for $34.99. My price from the thrift store was $3.93. Unfortunately, it wasn't on sale that day. But, I was okay paying "full" price and saving more than 88% compared to eBay.

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Joy said...

I have that bowl. I paid a bit more than $3.93!