Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shhhh, don't tell anyone

I have an obsession with clocks and calendars. I can never have enough of both. Maybe this is a subliminal sign of some inner dysfunction associated with the passage of time? Who knows? I don't care, really. I just laugh at it as one of my many quirks.

I found these clocks, at two different thrift stores.

I *think* the little one was 50% off  of $1.90 and the larger one was 33% off of $4.94. They both have a few dings, which I won't change. Thankfully, the distressed look is still in style.

The small clock reminds me of a console TV our family had in the 1960s. Designs from that time is now in vogue. It's now called mid-century modern. I call it "when I was a child".


Joy said...

These have great bones. Will you be altering these?

Lela H said...

Naw, I think I'll keep them blond. I *love* blond wood. It reminds me of the beach.