Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I so want to go here...

I so want to go to this convention.

But, the economy has affected my personal economics which doesn't have resources to fund this adventure. Oh wells, maybe next year?

I'm still planning on attending this event in Chantilly, VA on June 20-21, 2008.

My admission and Saturday night crop fee has been paid. Now, I need to scrounge up some $ to shop and take classes during the convention. I'm hoping this event is better organized and the workers are friendlier than last year's.

Now, I've read some WONDERFUL reviews here, here, and here of Donna Downey's Inspired Artist Workshops event in North Carolina. From all accounts, Donna put on a great event, which ran so smoothly with every creative detail considered. Being a meeting planner, I love those types of reviews. This event will be on my wish list as well.

Another event on my wish list is Creative Escape which is organized by Heidi Swapp and Bazzill Basics Paper. I read this review and decided I needed to get the book. What I didn't like about this event, though, is that there is a very limited number of registration slots available. Last year there were 600 people allowed to register. This isn't a lot of spaces considering this a national event and there are over 26 million scrapbookers in the USA.

I also would like to go on a scrapbooking cruise. This one got good reviews (albeit from a couple of the instructors).

Well, when I win that $36 million dollars from the lottery I don't play, I can look forward to going on all of these dream get aways.

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Anonymous said...


I love the wish list. I too wanted to attend the CK Convention in Valley Forge, I've been looking at that one for a few years now. But you are right, with the economy being the way it is, we are making real life decisions every time we spend money on non-essentials. Maybe the lottery luck will come our way! I'm still loving your blog. You are "real" and down to earth. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and internet finds. --Camille