Monday, May 19, 2008

How I organize my supplies, part one

Most of my supplies are stored in five white cabinets which I bought from Target on sale for $40 each. I tried to group my supplies by use and type. Here is what's inside each cabinet.

Cabinet One
  • acrylic stamps
  • rubber stamps
  • ink pads
  • chalks and applicators
I mix the acrylic and rubber stamps together, group them by category, and store them in regular size CD cases inside of blue, dollar store baskets. I labeled each basket using my Stampin' Up scallop punch. I have four shelves of unmounted stamps. The yellow binder on the first shelf is one of two that hold index sheets of my supplies and stamp images. The black binder next to it holds some of my acrylic sets that I wanted to keep in tact and are too large to fit into one CD case.
Below is shelf three and four. The round tin, in back of the green mimi container, holds my foam Christmas stamps. Shelf four holds mini wooden stamps, self-inking stamps, and a Whispers ink pad set on the right.
Here's what's inside one of the blue baskets. I've tried to use broad categories but I got bogged down when it came to the words and phrases. I ended up changing mid-stream and will probably change again as my collection grows larger.
I used my label maker to create labels for the spine of each case. I make an index sheet in front of each case so I can easily see what's inside.
I keep duplicate index sheets in a 3-ring binder and store that on the first shelf (see the yellow binder above). I look through the binder to find the stamp I want to use. Some of my ink pads are inside a Sizzix die storage tower on the bottom shelf. I also have my chalks and applicators in the large white basket.

Cabinet Two
  • embellishments
  • adhesives
  • tools (such as punches, tag maker, bind-it-all, heat gun)
My small embellishments (such as buttons, flowers, brads, etc.) are in bead cases (similar to this) on the top shelf and this, this, and a basket on the second shelf. All are labeled on the side.
The third shelf holds my punches and the fourth shelf has my Creative Memories Custom Cutting System, Making Memories Tag Maker, eyelet setter, paper drill, and embossing supplies.

The bottom shelf holds my bind-it-all stuff.

Cabinet Three
  • card making blanks (cardstock, envelopes, & templates)
  • alterables
  • mini albums
This is the messiest cabinet and it's stuffed. Shelf one holds my card blanks and some alterables.
The remaining shelves hold alterables, blank books, and albums.

Cabinet Four
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Foam Stamps

The first two shelves hold my paints. I grouped the Making Memories paint by color groups (oranges and yellows; reds and pinks; greens, blues, and purples; blacks, whites, and browns) in the four identical white baskets. The other containers hold different brands of paint.
I've started to "index" my bottle tops with a sample of the paint like this

so it's easier for me to see the color when I pull out the basket. I also have the paints indexed in one of my 3-ring binders (see Cabinet One, yellow binder on shelf one).

The bottom two shelves hold my adhesives.

Cabinet Five
  • Idea books and magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Office supplies
I also use the inside of the cabinet doors to hold things.
That's it for my five white cabinets. There's more to come in a future post.


Joy said...

great info as usual! I picked up a few packs of cards at AC Moore when they were on sale and I love working with them. I'll have to store them in a similar fashion. I also have a box of pre-made cards which I hope to alter. Perhaps you can help me with it at your next crop....

laura vegas said...

love how you have everything organized! i really need to label all my baskets and jars ... everything is in it's place ... it just doesn't have a label! lol!