Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Updates

I haven't had time to play in my studio lately. Life has been busy and I've been sleep deprived.

One of my friends, who has been working in our office for 22 years, recently retired. I'm helping create favors for her retirement luncheon. I've also helped design a memory book, on the fly, just today. That was incredibly fun to be able to scrapbook at work. I only wished I had more time to work on the design to make it more snazzy. But, I think we did a good job in our team effort.

I'm still exploring art journals and learning to sketch. One of the products that many journal artists seem to use in their artwork is Golden Gel Medium. I haven't found this product at my local M's, J's, or AC's so I had to find a "real" art store. I found a Utrecht Art Store in downtown D.C. It's a tiny store that's packed with stuff that was new for me. Golden is expensive and there were so many different kinds, I decided to get a sample six pack.

Oh, I'm happy to say that I sold my FIRST item in my Etsy store. I was SO excited to see the sale. I'm encouraged to create more items to sell.

I'm selling 126 items (or packages of items) at Scrapdoodles semi-annual yard sale. I'm hoping to sell them all so that I can buy Bind It All coils and Maya Road acrylic stamps, chipboard books, and acrylic key chains. I'd really like to find a heavy duty paper cutter to cut multiple sheets of 24 lb. paper and chipboard. Is there such a trimmer?

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