Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm felt a little overwhelmed today and out-of-balance. It started off with me being late to work. My trusty cell phone alarm wasn't working because it fell in a cup of water last night. I took the battery out, dried the parts, and let them all air dry overnight hoping to avert a disastrous end to my phone. I'm not sure I was successful.

Then there was a lot of crying from our youngest as I combed and brushed her hair before school. That's not my usual routine. I like to handle her hair on the weekends when we're not rushed. It's a blessing and a curse to have so much hair but to also be "tender-headed". Her hair looks so beautiful after a fresh fixing. It doesn't last long though. The fuzz and frizz returns by the afternoon. It'll be so much better once she is able to do her own hair like her older sister.

Hubby drove me to work since I missed the bus. I love getting rides to work but I don't like being late. Can you imagine hearing that from me? I've lost my work ID so I have to sign in as a visitor and it's a hassle to get through some of the secured doors. I need to get a replacement badge but I totally lost track of time today and before I knew it, the badge office was closed.

My main work this time of year is helping organize our annual national conference. That's quite hectic. It's not as stressful as it once was when I was the lead meeting planner. Now, I'm in a supporting role but it's still more than I expected in a supporting role. Even so, I'm just blessed to have the job I have and to work with wonderful people. However, this is still not what I feel I was meant to do. I am meant to do something creative. My job does not provide much opportunity to be creative. To help me through my days in the office, I've made my cubicle a colorful, inspiring, and energizing place for me. I'm surrounded by things that make me happy and that's good.

We're supposed to have this snow and ice storm rolling through the area tonight and tomorrow morning. I haven't seen much in the way of precipitation. I doubt that there'll be enough accumulation to cause a school delay or closure. It would take a near disaster for the feds to close. That hasn't happened for an extended time since around 1996 or so.

No word on my elder who's in the hospital. I should call cousin to get an update tomorrow. Take care.

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