Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Disappointing Harry but exciting new scrapbook things!

We went to see the latest Harry Potter movie. I was very disappointed. Of course it wasn't nearly as good as the book. But, the director could have picked some better scenes to include in the movie. It started out v--e--r--y s--l--o--w and the action didn't get much better until the end. By that time, I was struggling to pay attention. Big Daddy was so unimpressed he fell asleep during the movie. I would recommend that anyone who wants to see this movie, wait until it comes out on DVD and then RENT it -- don't buy it!

Check out this SUPER cute altered rolodex by the lady who blogs at We Always Have Paris. I couldn't seem to find her name at her site but lookee here:

She sells this kit for the rolodex. I've been always wanting to do an altered rolodex to keep track of birthdays. Instead of the A, B, Cs, I would put the months on each tab and then insert a card for each person's birthday. I could add their picture and what they like on the card. I also want to do one to hold my scrapping friends pictures and vitals inside. This is just another one of those projects on my growing "to do" list.

Now, the scrapbook manufacturers have come out with some new toys for us scrappers to play with at the summer CHA show . Here are some of the things that I'm digging from Making Memories:

A tool carousel. I love just about anything that organizes. I think I have an obsession with organized spaces. Unfortunately, try as I may, I can't seem to keep my space organized here at home. I think it has something remotely to do with having Smartie Pants, Miss Diva, Little Miss, and Big Daddy in the house. I could be wrong though.

How cute are these? Button shapes to adorn those adorable scrapbook pages.

And, another wonderful tool kit. They keep coming out with better versions of their tool kit. Why do they do this after I already buy my set? Do I need to buy another one just to have these pretty, green-handle babies? Man, now I know what the male species goes through when perusing the tool department at Home Depot or Sears.

Look at this darling little book is from Piggy Tales.

I love all of those hide and seek pages. It reminds me of Little Miss' books. Those interactive pages can provide hours of fun. Well, actually they provide her with a few minutes of fun before going onto the next thing. But, I can have hours of fun altering and creating a scrapbook out of this thing. I suppose for that matter, I could go to the thrift store and get books like this for nearly free and alter them. Besides getting them for cheap, I can reuse an existing item thus serving a small part in saving the environment. Uhh, that feels good. Okay, back to the scrapbooking toys.

This item is from Karen Foster Design. It's called a Memory Planner. What I like the best about this little gem is the template that allows you to draw sketches right in your planner. I wonder if they'll sell the template individually? I don't think I'll get the entire planner set because I'm partial to Planner Pad. Also, I'm taking a Franklin-Covey refresher course next week and they're giving us a planner as part of the course. Then I'll have to make another big decision as to which planner I want to use from then on out. My planner is my day-to-day guide and I depend upon it heavily. This will be an important decision. But ah, I digress ....

Now, the first type of scrapbooking planner I came across was this by Memory Dock. It is very nice but SUPER expensive. Well, maybe not now but it seemed like it was when I first saw it.

I stayed up late last night and completed a couple of scrapbook pages. I'll have to take pictures and post them later. I'm contemplating going on a scrapbook buying diet. I don't know which is more difficult--an eating diet or a scrapbooking buying diet. That's a hard one indeed. I've got a ton of stuff--which I do use mind you--but I succumb to impulse buying whenever I'm in the vicinity of the crafty 3 (Michael's, Jo-Ann's, and AC Moore stores). Hey, it could be worse I suppose. I could be a drug addict or and alcoholic. But NO I'M NOT! I'm a scrapaholic.

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Korie B. said...

Thank you so much for the mention on your site!! I am having so much fun making/selling these Rolodex kits. The response has been overwhelming. I hope you'll be able to make one for yourself. They're a blast!