Thursday, August 23, 2007

School's started and I'm going crazy

How can working-outside-of-the home women do it? School's back this week and I'm going crazy! Since school has started I've been scattered brain and overwhelmed and it's only day four. I so love the slower pace of summer. I've got to establish a routine -- which I never been good at -- to decrease some of the stress. I'm prone to be overwhelmed. Do you have any good suggestions?

I took Little Miss to Johns Hopkins Hospital yesterday for treatment. She's being seen for something which her pediatrician down here failed to diagnosed. I found that since I've been treated at Hopkins for my cancer, we more readily go there or recommend to everyone to go there for any pesky, persistent medical issue. They have experts at Hopkins that seem to have seen everything. They're good at what they do and they have an excellent bedside manner which is so important to me. Also, Hopkins has been rated the number one hospital for numerous years in a row in the U.S. News and World Report magazine. Anyway, Hopkins is in Baltimore which is about 50 miles away, a 45 minute drive going fast. I planned on allowing myself 1 1/2 hours in rush hour traffic -- most of which would be going the opposite direction -- to get to the appointment on time. I ended up being 45 minutes late! Urg! What a way to start the day. The doctor tried to squeeze us in a few hours later after a couple of patients. So what does a woman do for a couple of hours with Little Miss far away from home? Well, have plenty of videos to watch in the van along with snacks, drinks, and a Nintendo DS to play as time creeps along. It seemed to be an all day affair.

I'm going to a 12-hour crop this weekend that is being held by my friend Caryn! But, I'm only staying for about 8 hours. GASP! Yes, you read that right. I'm cutting my time short to go home so that hubby can go to a motorcycle function that evening. I've come to realize that 8 hours is my breaking point for crops now. Beyond that I start pushing my energy and creativity reserves which starts to be no fun.

We're planning on having a Labor Day cookout at our home on Sunday. It'll be a big affair with all of the relatives and friends being invited. One thing's for sure, I married into a partying family. They love to have parties with LOTS of food and drinks. It should be fun. Maybe I'll post some pictures later on.

We went to Niagara Falls for a short summer vacation. It was absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend you visit the falls and stay on the Canadian side. If you're in Canada you can get a great view of the falls which are on the opposite side. There are many hotels that have a view of the falls but we ended up at the Courtyard by Marriott Niagara Falls a few blocks away. The price was right for those who make last minute decisions. We took a tour that went to some of the most interesting sites in the area. If you plan on going I would recommend going on the Maid of the Mist boat tour and the Journey Behind the Falls.

I'm so excited that Smartie Pants is graduating at then end of this school year. YEAH! He plans on going to an in-state college too. DOUBLE YEAH! And, he wants to live on or near campus. Wow, can I get a triple yeah? We're planning a HUGE graduation party for him with an DJ and tent outside. My friend jokingly wondered if we were going to block off the street. That's a big NO because one of our neighbors would have a FIT if we even suggested this.

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