Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm away and will be back

I'm here for a work conference. I'm planning on taking a trip to this store tomorrow to gaze upon their products.

I brought this and this to read during my trip. I got both of these books at Scrapdoodles in Fredericksburg, Virginia this past weekend during their yard sale. I walked out of there with two bags full of deals.

I was the area to attend the 2nd Annual Preserve Your Journey crop which was co-hosted by the store and Salem Baptist Church. We had a great time with about 70 other wonderful ladies. The gift bags for attendees was great! It included a Croppin' Companion Storage Binder with four folder inserts which were filled with paper and embellishments as well as a tool tote bag stuffed with scrapbooking supplies. Cheryl Menders, who is President of Croppin Companion, is also a member of the church. If you're around Fredericksburg during March 2009, I recommend you sign up to attend this annual crop.

I'm rearranging my studio once more. The existing set up wasn't working for me. I really want to get a copy of this to help me set up my space in a way that works for me. I'm hoping that by implementing the concepts in the Library of Memories class and the organizing book, I should be able to crank out layouts (or, have more fun and less stress scrapbooking).

I'm enjoying 70 degree weather right now. I hope you're having fun too.

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Natalie said...

I guess I am one of the 4 because I have been on your blog for the past 2 days looking at all of the good information you have on here. I really love the tutorials. I also am ready to create my small scrap workspace so those books look very handy. Keep updating your blog.