Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sharing some online resources and a book review

First I want to say that I attended another wonderful crop hosted by Caryn. While there I was approached by Lisa Rene who told me she went to my blog--which was highly recommended by Camille (see the end of my post on January 6, 2008)--to find that it was out-of-date. Oh boy, the pressure is on again! I'm going to try to update it at least once per week (hopefully on Sunday) to keep up with the demand from the (now) four people who visit it regularly.

Lately, I've been immersed in free scrapbooking podcasts. Podcasts are short, pre-recorded talk shows on a particular topic. Podcasts can have video or just audio. You can enjoy them online or download them for later. I usually download them to enjoy during my commute to/from work. Here are some of the scrapbooking podcasts that I enjoy.

Video podcasts
Paperclipping (by Noell Hyman) is a professional quality video tutorial on various scrapbooking techniques. The podcast archives are listed on the right side of her blog.

Scrap Time (by Christine in Canada) has over 170 video tutorials on techniques and product reviews.

Nth Degree Creative (by CreativeXpress) has tutorials and also an online store and community.

Audio podcasts
SCRAPcast (by Lynnette Young) is no longer being updated. She has 31 shows up; the last one was in 2006. This is mainly geared toward beginner scrapbookers but more experienced ones might find something useful.

ScrapHappy (by Lain Ehman) is witty and has honest reviews of products and publications.

I found most of these podcasts by browsing the iTunes website. Once I found some that I liked, I subscribed to them so that I can receive updates every time I open iTunes on my computer. Listening to these podcasts on-the-go is easy if you have an iPod or iPhone. However, if you have a non-Apple MP3 player you may have to convert the podcasts, using something like this, into a format that your player can use.

Listening and watching these podcasts are like going to free classes. I just love the internet and all of those people who share.

I recently bought this book:
from a local crafts store using a 40% off coupon (of course). It retails at $24.95 and contains 256 pages of how to store everything having to do with scrapbooking. This is right up my alley! If you don't know, I just LOVE to organize and re-organize my scrap space. Just about every page has a full color photograph of storage ideas. There are also a few tips from various industry experts. Included in the book are some do-it-yourself projects to create your own storage items. One thing I really liked is that every idea pictured has the source listed in the back of the book. Here are some of the ideas I want to use in my scrap space:

  • Hang an over-the-door CD shelf to store my rubber stamps (which are already housed in CD cases and Stampin' Up! cases).
  • Store memorabilia for each family member/topic in thick, plastic envelopes which are similar to Cropper Hopper paper holders.
  • Store magazines in an over-the-door shelf as well.
  • Group ideas (which I have torn from magazines) into broad categories such as color, design, photograpy, stories, and texture. (Currently I have a billion categories and it gets rather tedious trying to file ideas.)
I already have similar systems in place but these ideas are better or simplier to use. I loved every bit of of this book and recommend it to you.

Next, I want this book:It delves more into organizing your space according to how you work. Aby Garvey, a professional organizer, co-authored this book. Aby talks about setting up your space in a way that supports your method of creating. The book has been getting rave reviews from other scrapbookers. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to wait a year before the local craft stores have it in stock (so I can use my 40% off coupon).

If you have any resources to share or want to request that I cover something, please post a comment on my blog. Thank you to the four readers for supporting me in this endeavor.


lisa sanford said...

I personally have worked with Aby on organizing my home and this book is a must have! Typography was tooo small for me, but I'm getting old.

Lisa Renée said...

Okay, I'm guilty about commenting about you not having updated your BLOG, and now I'm the one who is guilty for not having read it for a while. I'm glad to see you posting again and I love the links you are attaching. Looking forward to reading your post regularly and seeing all the great projects you have created.

Joy said...

I love your blog! My scraproom is almost finished- I just need to make it pretty now. You have provided some great info and really useful sites. Your scraproom inspired me to get moving on mine and now your blog has inspired me to start my own!

This is what I love about scrappers- the free exchange of info and support.