Sunday, December 10, 2006

Altered Mini Comp Books

I wanted to share with you a few mini composition books that I altered. I had so much fun doing these I'm thinking about making more to give as Christmas gifts to my co-workers. Do you think they would like something like this?

This was the first one I made.

I use this one to jot down scrapbooking project ideas.

This one will be used to capture topics and ideas for my blog.

This next one is not a mini comp book. It's a regular size one. I wanted to show it because it's the very first comp book that I altered. I use it as an inspiration book. I put sketches, magazine cut outs, and other scrapbooking ideas in here.

I added tabs along the side of the book to divide it into topical sections. I had so many ideas that I decided to alter more books to be able to place one topic per book. Now, I have a library of ideas. I'll share my library in another post.

I hope your weekend is going great. Until next time,



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