Monday, December 4, 2006

Inception, birthday, & reflections

I finally decided to take the plunge! I started a blog. After months of reading other blogs and developing blog envy big time, I decided to go ahead and do it.

My baby is going to be six years old in only a few weeks. As they all say, time sure does travel fast. Can you believe it's been six years since she's been born? We've decided on having a princess party for our little girl. After all, she is the princess of the world or so you'd think after seeing her in action.

Birthdays give me a chance to reflect on life and how quickly it's going. I've noticed that after the age of 21 the years FLY by. I remember when I was in grade school, I couldn't wait until I was 16. Sixteen was such a cool age to be. I'd be in high school, I could drive, and I could have a sweet 16 party. Well, two of the three events happened. Then, I couldn't wait until I was legally an adult at 18. I could vote and I could do whatever I thought I wanted to do. Afterall, I was an adult. Well, only one of those things happened. Finally, there was the race to be 21. At 21 I could LEGALLY drink and get into clubs. Nevermind that it was so much fun to sneek into clubs and drink at the college parties. There was this mystique about being able to go to clubs with the "grown ups". Well, been there, done that. Now at middle age, I wish I had my 16 year old body, was more responsible and patient at 18, and never drank so much at 21. So much for 20/20. All in all, I'm happy where I am in life and the roads I've taken. Now I've got to take what I learned and use it to guide my little ones so they can take a higher path than I.

Does time fly by for you too?


innerchi2 said...

OMG I just had this conversation with Shani the other day. I wanted so badly to be old enough to go here and there...especially because my BIG BROTHERS could do it! I don't really want my 16y/o or 18y/o body back. I'm happy with the one I have now :o). But I could sure use the stress free life I had in my late teens and early 20's. And the what can you say? Jacob just turned 10! That's unbelieveable. How did 10 get here so soon? Before long I will be making college plans for him! Any idea where I need to travel to in order to find the fountain of youth???

innerchi2 said...

Okay Missy! You can't have a blog and not check it! What's up with that?????

Lela said...

Hey You, thanks for the post. I did get both of your messages--they get emailed to me. I've been having blog troubles, more like I don't know the technical aspects of posting so I'm learning as I go. You'll probably need to help your auntie and mom get online, if they're interested in reading. I hope you enjoy!