Thursday, December 21, 2006

The party's over and I got a new place

Saturday’s party was a great success. Everyone had a great time. The party theme was princesses (and princes). However, only one boy attended the party and he wasn’t interested in being a prince. He wanted to play playstation with my son. So, we had a bunch of little princesses making little tiaras with faux jewels, foam letters, and glitter glue. Really cute tiaras! Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of the pieces of art that they made. We decorated the house in streamers and balloons everywhere to emulate entering a festive castle. It took me hours to research ideas and sample cakes. I finally decided to do a version of this cake.

I made this amazing castle cake. It was so much fun and all of the children helped, including the birthday girl.

We had a couple of other activities that allowed the children to expend some energy including musical chairs and what we call the “balloon game”. The balloon game’s purpose is to keep the balloons in the air while the music is playing. When the music stops you either must have or not have a balloon in your hand. It’s the music director’s choice. This is lots of fun especially when you have a few people on the side lines throwing balloons into the mix.

I was totally exhausted all Sunday. I did nothing and stayed at home all day. I didn’t even go to church. Man, doing parties are so much fun but they drain the life out of me. I needed that day of rest.

The birthday girl got sick the day after the party. She came down with a virus and ran a temperature all this week up to 105 degrees. It’s really hard to see your child so sick and you can’t make it go away. She slept most of the time except when the meds took affect and lowered her temperature some. After three days of a fever I took her to the doctor for the virus diagnosis. Apparently, a virus is going around amongst the child population.

My studio is done enough for me to move in! YES! I wasn’t sure about the color I chose for the walls. But now I love it. I started moving in last night. Mike still needs to add crown molding, doors, and finish some of the base board. But, I’m so excited to have a place of my own. YES!

One of the challenges for me is whittling down my stash. I have way too much stuff than can fit into my 11’ x 15’ room. I’ll save some of the supplies for my girls to use later on, when the Scrapbooking bug gets them. I’ll sell some of the new and nearly new stuff on eBay and I’ll RAK some whenever it’s needed. Does anyone out there have a need?

Well, Christmas is just days away and I only have two gifts to buy. I know exactly what I want to get and where to get them. I just need to take time to go out and do it--maybe tomorrow or Friday night after work.

Sorry for being a blogger slacker. After my day of rest on Sunday, I had to deal with a sick little princess all week long. Today is the first day I was able to get some air.

Well, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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About Me.. said...

The cake is beautiful.... I should have you bake a princess cake for my daughters birthday next year!! LOL