Monday, December 31, 2012

Girl's Jewelry Box

Today I scored this like-new girl's jewelry box for my youngest.

Inside has blue flocking lining the compartments and a mirror on the lid.

I think it's a Kohl's brand box. But, it's not on the Kohl's website. The closest comparable in style I found was this
Reed and Barton Secret Princess Jewelry Box for Girls
by Reed and Barton for sale at the Silver Superstore. Most of the girl's jewelry boxes are musical ones with a ballerina that twirls once you open the lid.

I know Kohl's is not comparable in quality to Reed and Barton. Having said that, the Reed and Barton jewelry box retails for $49.95. My thrift store find cost $2.95 (originally $3.93 - 25% sale).

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