Friday, December 28, 2012

Painted Tables

Recently, I bought two tables at the thrift store. One is a dining table. The other is an end table. Both are solid wood. I want to paint both of them. But, I'm torn as to what design approach to use. Do I want something a colorful like this?
Or, do I want something a little less colorful like this?

How about something a little folksy like Mexican tiles?

Hand painted talavera tile restaurant table top

Or maybe something a little more ornate?


I kinda like these Moroccan designs:

 Okay, I think I've decided on the end table. I'll go with something colorful like the Moroccan or Indian designs (though I like the Mexican tile look too). Colorful it'll be. Now, I've got to decide on the design.


Joy said...

Wow, you have been rockin' the thrift store!

Lela H said...

Yes, it's a revived obsession. I haven't scrapbooked in a while. Something has to take its place. Plus, I LOVE the thrill of saving $$.