Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Island Pantry Is Finished

My island pantry is now organized. Yay!  I wanted to organize and label the shelves and bins by food use (breakfast, baking, snacks, etc.) but that didn't work. Maybe after using this new system for a bit, a different arrangement may come to mind.

The island has a 11" deep shelf that extends the entire 4' length. I'm able to put a small cracker jar (which is 32 ounces) in front of a large one (64 ounces). Or, two canning jars fit one in front of another. Beans, legumes, grains, flours, salts, sugars, baking soda, and breakfast items are on the top shelf.

Here are the labelled jars that I wrote about here. These jars take up about 2/3 of the top shelf.

Beans and legumes are in canning jars on the left. These jars are too small to use the pocket labels which are shown above.

The bottom shelf is 2 feet deep. A lot of items used to get lost in the back. I bought two sliding bins which fit the entire depth and can be pulled all of the way out. Smaller bins can stack on top of the sliding bins to maximize storage space.

On the bottom shelf are my tall glass jars of pasta (on the left), the two sets of stacking and sliding bin combos, some single bins, and a couple of lazy susans. 

The lazy susans fit my cans and odd items.

I haven't been shopping for canned goods in a while so I'm not sure how this new arrangement will work when I do stock up on canned goods. I may have to add a wire shelf or can dispenser if I run out of space. I'm trying to contain most of my food products in this space. But, I do have some food in an overflow area in a storage closet. I don't like using the overflow area because I forget about stuff and end up buying duplicates.

For now my pantry looks good and I feel good having finished this project. Soon I'll show you how I organized my spices.

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